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Graham’s long-term involvement in the worlds of Painting, Drawing,

Lighting, Photography, Music, Performance, and Production in both

indoor and outdoor environments are linked by common threads:

his delight in color, composition, form , pattern, spatial dimensions

and his sense of humour.

His work reflects his curiosity in the liminal space between how we

physically see and experience the world and the ways we perceive,

and interpret the world.

They are playful invitations to look again………and wonder.

He has travelled widely, and his work reflects the many influences of

his journeys. From organising Safaris in East Africa – to travelling

the Nile River – to receiving painting instruction from a Buddhist master in Shangri – La in China. We are the sum total of our past.

In the past Graham has embraced a combination of Conceptual Art,

Performance Art, and Land Art.

One example of a task undertaken and completed was – climbing to

the top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt to absorb the 360degrees view before entering the inner chambers and squeezing into the Kings Coffin in the Kings Chamber and playing a flute. The acoustics were magnificent.


Invited to exhibit at the Ashkenazy Gallery in Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Thieves crashed their way into the Gallery and stole 50% of Graham's work.

Valued at US$ 40,000.

Peter Frank, editor of Visions Quarterly and Art Critic for LA Weekly

at the time, described Graham's work in the exhibition as


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