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The JUST ADD WATER series of prints document the journey from a 2D photo that was transformed into a 3D cube that was then taken & placed in the HD Reality of Perth's beaches.​

This provided a setting for transitioning between the fluidity of water and the solidness of land.

The cube sculpture freezes a moment in time, drawing attention to the preciousness of our environment and the beauty of our coast line.


Graham Pippards Art combines

Painting / Sculpture / Digital technologies /Drawing / 

Various Printing Techniques and Land Art.

His recent work is “The Water Cube “

Made from Aluminium and employed as “environment” Sculpture

The Water Cube is placed in various environmental locations

and settings ie: Landscape / Forest and Ocean.

Grahams work seeks an ongoing dialogue and conversation

with the environment – its Health,  Survival and Prosperity.

He uses photography to record the process, and a moment in time,

in a series of unique prints

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